Body Directed Therapy Experience – BoDTE™

Annette’s very own customized therapies,  BoDTE™ & BoDTE II™,
Body Directed Therapy Experience–

After experiencing energy work with CranioSacral Therapy, Annette realized that there was much more to her work than just the physicality of massaging muscles. She began to listen and respond to what the muscles were “saying”.  As she continued with bodywork, her massages took on their own style.  She quickly recognized & accepted her abilities as clairsentience, clairvoyance & clairaudience.  No longer were Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Neuro Muscular, CranioSacral, etc., separate modalities; they had blended into one as she felt guided & directed by the Divine energy. Thus, the Body Directed Therapies evolved.

Body Directed Therapy Experience™ (BoDTE™) Massage NO LONGER OFFERED

Massage that listens & responds to the client’s body as it directs her to areas of restriction. Utilizing a blend of therapies, she senses and follows the body’s wave-like motions, assisting the body’s innate abilities to correct and heal.  Restrictions are released, the body is restored and relaxed. (The use of essential oils, hot stones & hot foot towels may be included in this session as needed.)

90 minutes, $150.00

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Body Directed Therapy Experience II™ (BoDTE II™), Whole Body Healing

Annette’s most profound work– through Spiritual connections, she accurately assesses restrictions &/or blocks within the physical, emotional & spiritual body, then clears, removes & repairs the whole self. By incorporating Divine Energy, Chakra balancing/clearing, Meridian clearing, Clearing & removing discordant energies, she assists the body’s innate ability to realign, sync & repair the whole self, restoring homeostasis.

What Your Experience May Be Like

Each session is unique, as each of us is, and takes its unique course with each client and each session. Your experience will depend on your openness & sincere desire to be well again.

Most of my clients feel energy shifts as they occur, such as a a wave-like motion moving through the body, tingling, prickly or pulsating sensations, twitching or deep warmth. As blocked energy comes to the surface (into awareness) you may experience an intense emotional release in the form of tears, anger, or sadness. You might experience a trance-like feeling or just feel very relaxed. You may see colors or patterns or have a multitude of thoughts cursing through your head. You may also have a feeling of incredible lightness and clarity or just feel “different”, a feeling not easy to explain.

After a session, you might experience soreness in the body, intense emotions or even depression. This is typical as the body has made some corrections and/or transformations. So do not be alarmed; this is a sign that your system accepted the shift and adapted to a new, natural, pattern.

It is ok to ask questions during a session; however, discussion will be kept brief until after the session. We will discuss any of your experiences and questions following the session.

Although some people can integrate the initial energy shift completely within a few days, for many it is important to maintain the new pattern of energy flow with additional sessions.

120 minutes, $140.00

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